While my work displays a preoccupation with the technical narrative of figurative painting, my focus has always been on creating with paint a representation of a contemporary mindset as influenced by our media-saturated culture. By using various elements of pattern, abstraction, and with an obsessive rendering of figures, I attempt to intuitively emote a common frame of mind that contemporary people experience. I ask questions relating to the displacement of human desires into imaginary worlds, and I seek to honestly represent the viscitudes of our collective mental health.

Born in Singapore to a Colombian family, and raised in a multicultural community in Houston, TX, my artwork has always reflected a desire to find a calm interior livelihood despite an outside world that is frequently in flux. I received my BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art and then my MFA soon after from the New York Academy of art. During undergrad I spent a year in Japan studying printmaking and the Japanese language, and later upon finishing my MFA I spent another year attending artist residencies in Spain, Germany, Russia, and here in the United States. I’ve since moved to Brooklyn and worked as an assistant for Sean Kenney, an artist who creates immersive sculptures out of LEGO bricks, while still maintaining a consistent artistic practice on my own.

I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively around the world, and my immersion in different cultures and landscapes has fueled an interest in the visual symbology that communities identify as their own. By meshing my own personal visual symbology with the painted representations of others, my work questions how the visual narrative of our culture alters our notional sense of identity, and subsequently, our ability to mesh with other cultures.

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