A 1st generation immigrant from a Colombian family, I was raised in a multicultural community in Houston, TX where most homes symbolized different origin countries and cultural histories. Having been fortunate to travel and live abroad in many countries, the necessary adaptation of adjusting behavior according to the social mores of the environment has informed my interest in the concept of the fluidity of identity.

In my attempts to create impactful art, I’ve had to search introspectively for my justifications for wanting to create art. My justifications are not rational, but rather an impulse to translate my disparate emotional experiences into a series of images that might clarify my identity. But I have no fixed ‘self’ that can be clarified, and my perspective on my emotional experiences is frequently shifting because of contemporary dialogues. I'm searching for some momentous moment where I can convey both the ambiguity of the 'self' and its overlapping relationship with the narratives of the outside world.

As such I frequently use painting and drawing to delicately ask questions about the nature of our notional sense of identity in the context of contemporary culture, where the internet has made everyone a cultural producer and critic. With painting and drawing I can react to concrete photographic imagery with improvisational mark-making, I can combine the high-brow history of art with commonplace pattern and design, I can suffuse together the past and the present on a contained canvas, so that perhaps I can get a glimpse of the future.

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